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Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood floor repair experts here at Chase Torri Hardwood have experience in fully repairing all manner of damage done to hardwood floors, including nicks, scratches, dents – anything that is detracting from the natural beauty of your floor. We are ready to tackle any project with professionalism to get your Denver Metro home in tip-top shape.

Restoring hardwood floors can be challenging. Years of traffic, dropped items, scratches from bedposts, fires, and floods leave behind damage.

Taking Care Of Your Floor And Roof After A Storm

Flooring Concerns: When severe weather events cause flooding, Chase Torri Hard Wood can provide fast floor clean-ups, debris removal and resurfacing of floors in commercial, retail and industrial buildings. After a commercial building floods, typically the first...

Hardwood Floor Tips For Pet Owners

Male's buddy and guy's favorite flooring don't constantly get along well. In reality, one of the greatest deterrents in house owners selecting wood floor covering is the concern about animal damage to that gorgeous foundation. Wood floor refinishing for Denver...

Hardwood Floor maintenance?

Do you really need Hardwood Floor maintenance or refinishing? Yes, there are situations when you need Hardwood Floor refinishing Denver services. If the Hardwood Floor you have right now is very old, then it makes a lot of sense to refinish it properly. Thankfully...

Why install a wood floor?

              Back in the early 1970s when the farmers home administration began using cheap mortgages. It required all houses to have hardwood floors in those days before the broad loom made wall to wall carpet affordable. The hardwood floor was considered a...

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